Koos – cunt.
nikomak – fuck your mother
sharmoota – bitch
zarba – shit
kis – vagina
zib – penis
Elif air ab tizak! – a thousand „dicks” in your ass!
kisich – pussy
Elif air ab dinich – A thousand dicks in your religion
Mos zibby! – Suck my dick!
Waj ab zibik! – An infection to your dick!
kelbeh – bitch
Muti – jackass
Kanith – Fucker

Kwanii – Faggot
Bouse Tizi – Kiss my ass
Khawal – Gay
Sharmoota Haygana – Horny Bitch
Maaras – Pimp
Ebn el Metanaka – Son of a bitch
Mara – bitch (egypt only)
Aha – shit
Khara – shit
gaeheba – Bitch

Khara beek – shit in you (Male)

Khara Beech – Shit in you (Female)

Gawwaad – pimp

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